47. The Blog Post That Has No Theme.

That’s right. No theme for this post. Just a collection of recent images and a few not quite so recent ones. These photographs were mainly taken in Leeds.

To start with here are 2 silhouette pictures, both of which were taken in the late afternoon.

Leeds. April 2018. Canon G7X ll compact camera.
Leeds train station. April 2018. Canon G7X II compact camera.

When I took this next image it had been raining heavily and leaving puddles of water. However the clouds cleared away quickly and were replaced by blue skies giving me opportunity to take this reflection shot in a puddle at the side of the road.

Leeds. December 2018. Canon G7X II compact camera.

Here is another blue sky picture. I was looking to create an image with the building at the left hand side and the tree branches at the right. The bright winter sun was shining on the light coloured building and I had to keep an eye on the histogram and deliberately underexpose the indicated exposure to prevent the building from becoming completely over exposed.

Leeds. December 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

For this next picture I wanted to use the street light as part of the composition. It was late afternoon on a bitterly cold day at the end of February 2018 (2 days later we had heavy snow) and the low sun was shining on the right hand side of the building whilst the left hand side was in shadow.

Leeds. February 2018. Canon G7 X II compact camera.

And here is another example of me pointing my camera upwards at a building.

Leeds. February 2018. Canon G7X II compact camera.

Hmmm. I seem to be making a habit of pointing my camera upwards. I popped the flash up on the camera to light the sign, turning the power of the flash down a little to prevent the sign from being too bright.

Leeds. November 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

In my blog post number 7 I posted some pictures where I had deliberately blown out the highlights. I used the same technique in this next picture, pointing my camera towards the low late afternoon sun and subsequently moving the right hand Levels slider right over to the left to to obtain the desired effect. The sun was so bright that I could not really see what I was doing which is why the poor chap on the left has lost a few toes!

Hopefully it goes without saying that you need to take great care when looking into the sun or pointing your camera towards it.

Leeds. December 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

Here are two pictures of Leeds Town Hall reflected in shop windows in March 2018.

Canon G7X II compact camera.
Canon G7XII compact camera.

The next photograph was taken in City Square, Leeds in November 2017. I had to take great care to keep the building on the left inside the inverted V of the sign post. Not so easy with lots of pedestrians milling around me.

Canon G7X II compact camera.

In blog post 36 I posted a picture of the water feature outside Sheffield railway station. Here is another photo taken on a subsequent visit to Sheffield.

Sheffield. April 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

Now let’s quickly zoom over to Bradford where my aim was to take a photo of this fire extinguisher notice with the people on the street below out of focus.

Bradford. March 2018. Canon G7X II compact camera.

I took this next picture in December 2017 at Leeds railway station simply because I liked the effect of the late afternoon sunlight shining on the train I was about to catch.

Canon G7X II compact camera.

And this is the low-in-the-sky late afternoon sun at the back of the station.

November 2017 Canon G7X II compact camera.

I used a film noir filter for this picture which includes a building reflected in the glass windows of an office block.

Leeds. November 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

This is a reflection of Leeds Merrion Centre in the window of a restaurant.

Leeds. December 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

I thought I would include a picture demonstrating a potential fault.

This picture was taken in Sovereign Street, Leeds. I subsequently converted it to black and white. When I then increased the contrast a thin white line called a halo appeared at the top of the building. I have a book about black and white photography that warns you this can happen. I just need to go back to the original image and process it again using slightly less contrast and I will be happy with this image.

Leeds. December 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

And now for something completely different. A stretched-limo Volkswagen Beetle spotted outside Leeds Town Hall. The number plate indicates that the original car dates from 1963.

Leeds. April 2018. Canon G 7X II compact camera.


Here is another building reflection in Leeds.

Leeds. October 2017. Canon G7X II compact camera.

I was in Leeds one day in July 2017 and came across this small Charlie Gard demonstration. At the time there was a highly publicised court case about whether his life support should be switched off.

Canon G7X II compact camera.

To finish this post I am going to include some slightly older images.Firstly here are two from a series of pictures incorporating wheelie bins. Both of these photos were taken near Leeds University.

Leeds September 2016. Canon G7XII compact camera.

Finally, here are some pictures of a Peace for Egypt demonstration.

Leeds. August 2013. Canon S95 compact camera.

I was interested to see that the women stood together at the left and the men stood together on the right.

And the men at the front seemed to be acting as, “cheerleaders”.